Tools > CPM-TC223-NG
Cone sharpeners case 50 mm² to 240 mm²
Technical sheet
/ Standards
Compatible with C33-226, UTE C33-223, NF C 33-223, HN33S23.
/ Use

CPM-TC223-NG cone sharpeners enable the user to perform cones at the insulation ends onto cables from 50 mm² to 240 mm².

/ Technical specifications

CPM-TC223-NG contains the following products :

- TC50, TC95, TC150, TC240, TCD2000 : cone on the insulation end

CPM-TC223-NG contains empty storage space for tools : EV150-240 and EV2000 150-240.


Ideal addition to CNPT/240-1-MV-NG case.

Reduced size.