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Insulated Phillips screwdriver Rotoline Classic
Technical sheet
/ Standards
EN 60900 / IEC 60900 ISO 2380-1 / ISO 8764-1
/ Use

The screwdrivers of the Rotoline Classic range have a perfectly rounded handle end, making them perfect in terms of grasp and user comfort.

That round end allows the user to turn the screwdriver in the palm of his hand very easily during heavy-duty work, particularly with electrician's gloves.

/ Technical specifications

High strength tempered steel : chromium molybdenum.

The insulating sleeve is integral with the handle, injected directly around the blade.


• Ergonomic handle with high-quality soft coating for comfort and grip.

• " Smart Diameter " blade : The blades are turned to offer no excess thickness of the insulating material at the top of the bladein order to reach screws set in narrow recesses.

• Each screwdriver has a coloured ring on the handle. The ring colour corresponds to the type of screwdriver blade, allowing a quick identification.