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Pneumatic insulating stick
Technical sheet
/ Use

The PT1250 pneumatic insulating sick assembly is designed for no-voltage testing, followed by the placing of an insulating rope over overhead conductors up to 12.5 metres high.

This rope will then be used to position the earthing clamp with rope.

The telescopic stick consists of 4 insulating tubes made of yellow fibreglass.

The upper section is an IEC 60855 type foam-filled tube, which is extended manually and locks with a sealing gland type connection. It is equipped with an S37 fitting (PXV type) enabling :

• The fixing of an S37U adapter for absence of nominal voltage testing with a TAG300 or TAG330 type voltage detector (not supplied) equipped with a special V antenna ref. ANTPT1250VAT (not supplied),

• The fixing of a 70039941 reel holder adapter enabling the insulating rope to be passed over the conductor.

The 68729846 reel is fitted with an insulating rope (IEC 62192), diameter 8 mm, 30 m long.

The stick is fixed by 2 removable clamping collars onto a trolley with the stick controls and a cylinder of compressed gas: NITROGEN (not supplied: optional)

/ Technical specifications

Telescopic stick:

L retracted = 3800 mm.

ML extended = 12500 mm (maximum length with end section fully extended).

mL extended = 9710 mm (minimum length with end section fully retracted).

All lengths possible between ML and mL (travel adjustable over 2790 mm).

NB: when using for no-voltage testing, always fully extend the upper section

Dielectric strength of the stick tube: 100kV / 30cm

Use of cylinder of compress gas: NITROGEN only. (Oxygen is PROHIBITED, compressed air tolerated)

Unit supplied without cylinder of nitrogen.

Number of stick extensions: depends on the capacity of the nitrogen cylinder.

Stick lowered by gas release.

The insulating parts operated pneumatically are sealed by joints which are themselves protected by scraper seals.

All these seals can easily be replaced when necessary using the KJPT1250 maintenance kit