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Earthing cable reels for equipotential bonding
Technical sheet
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/ Use

For equipotential bonding.

Protection against electrostatic charges and shocks due to lightning.

Tank trucks, tanks.

/ Technical specifications

Sturdy construction, made of embossed and pressed steel sheet.

Reel mounted on two sealed bearings.

Automatic coil spring return.

The electrical connection is made by a ring/brush system from a cross-section of 50 mm².

Supplied with an H07VK green/yellow cable and alligator clip.

Swivels 180°.

Chassis without housing; designed to allow the cable or spring to be changed immediately (reduced maintenance costs).

Equipped as standard with a check pawl.

Black polyester epoxy paint.

Optional: Anti-corrosion treatment by zinc or metal plating.

All reels are equipped as standard with an H07VK green/yellow cable and alligator clip.

If your application does not requires the 180° swivel feature, other methods of fixing are available on request. If you require a reel with other features, do not hesitate to enquire.