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Earthing and short-circuiting clamp for bare LV overhead lines
Technical sheet
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/ Standards
IEC 61230
/ Use

Clamp designed to equip short-circuiting and earthing devices for bare LV overhead lines.

/ Technical specifications

This clamp is made of aluminium alloy, mounted on an insulating stick (fibreglass / epoxy resin) equipped with an ergonomic insulating handle.

There is a contact plate at the back of the clamp to fasten on the short-circuit cable lugs.

This fastening is made with stainless steel screws (supplied with the clamp sold alone).


PT318: reference of the clamp alone on a stick with a handle.

To make up a complete device, see BT318xN. It is possible to adapt different lengths and cross-sections of cables (up to 35 mm²...).

The length of the insulating rod can also be adapted on request.

Max. Isc : 3 kA/1s


Ergonomic handle with hand guard.

Fast attachment/detachment.