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Technical sheet
/ Use
Spiking to check and ensure the absence of voltage on EHV (max. 220kV) underground single phase cables with 1600 mm² max. core size, aluminium and copper .
/ Technical specifications

• Hydraulic spiking/piercing cable head :

- Dual-stage hydraulic jack with quick manual approach to position and secure the PCH 51 on the cable .

- High strength heat treated pike achieving the spiking of the cable .

- Spring-loaded cradle for stable centring the tool on the cable.

- Integrated hydraulic pump 700 bars.Capacity : max cable Ø 140 mm (measured on overall insulation)

Dimensions: 640 x 210 x 330 mm

Weight 10 Kg.

• Remote control panel, radio coded (frequency 433,92 Mhz) :

- The remote control panel is connected to the spiking tool with an electrical wire of 5 meters long.

- 1 Flash indicates the stand by of the remote control panel.

- 1 Siren indicates the good accomplishment of the operation and the end of it.

- The tool is working thanks to the battery connected on its case.

- Powered by two 1.5 V battery

- Radio coded

- Single encoding

- Used up to 150 meters

• Wireless remote control with 2 buttons (433,92 Mhz) :

- Working with a 9 V battery.

- Radio coded - can be used up to 25 meters.

Set delivered in a case with an other steel pike, one 12V battery and associated one-hour fast charger 2V.