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Automatic fall arrester device
Technical sheet
/ Use

The device is made of a 2-way pulley with an automatic blocking system in case of fall.

One end is connected to the user and the other end has a counterweight.

Rodeostop stops the rope in the 2 directions of rotation. it is equipped with a device that absorbs the energy generated during a fall by deformation of the anchoring device situated in its upper part.

/ Technical specifications
The product is delivered with a Ø 10,5 mm static braided rope with a thread loop with double trigger automatic locking connector on one end and a stopper knot on the other end.

- RODEOSTOP device is a pulley which activates the instantaneous blocking in 2 directions in case of fall.

- The height of use depends only on the length of the rope.

- It is compact and lightweight (about 1 kg) for great manoeuvrability

- The durability and reliability are increased : made of stainless steel and synthetic materials, it does not rust and it is weather resistant and requires no lubricant

Product reference Longueur corde (m) Désignation Technical sheet
RODEOSTOP10 10 Antichute à Rappel Automatique 10 m
RODEOSTOP20 20 Antichute à Rappel Automatique 20 m
RODEOSTOP30 30 Antichute à Rappel Automatique 30 m