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Industry / building industry harness with 3 anchorage points and automatic buckles
Technical sheet
/ Standards
EN 361 / EN 358
/ Use
Recommended for industry and building industry applications.
/ Technical specifications

Harness with 3 anchorage points (2 back and 1 front) with :

- A work positioning belt with 2 lateral attachment points.

- A first back anchorage point settled by metal D-ring and a second back point by webbing lanyard

- Front anchorage point by 2 webbing buckles to link.

- Adjustment of shoulder straps by metal buckles.

- Belt and leg loops adjustment and fastening by automatic metal buckles.

- A sit strap linked to leg loops and a chest strap with adjustment and closing by automatic plastic buckles.

- 3 accessory plastic loops integrated to belt.

Polyamide/polyester straps.

Metal buckles in zinc plated steel and aluminium.

Webbing lanyard on the back and automatic buckles.
Product reference Taille Poids (kg) Désignation Technical sheet
H2AGT XXL 1,840 Harnais bâtiment/industrie XXL
H2ATM M-XL 1,7 Harnais bâtiment/industrie M-XL