Respiratory protection
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Special self-contained breathing apparatus for extreme conditions
Technical sheet
/ Standards
EN 137, type 2
/ Technical specifications

Includes :

• Non-metallic, ergonomic and flexible back-plate

• Four carry handles and an attachment point for a lifeline

• Padding on the straps, belt and at the top of the back for greater comfort

• Multiple anchoring points for addition of accessories

• Fast tightening adjustment buckles

• Full mask with impact-resistant polycarbonate lens with scratch-resistant coating, wide field of vision without optical distortion

• Positive pressure demand valve with quick connection and first breath activation

• Reducer with built-in second user outlet

• Thermo-compressed harness and straps made of self-extinguishing aramid

• Flame-resistant photo-luminescent strips on the straps and belt

• Low air warning whistle integrated in the manometer with an antistatic HP/MP hose

• HP/MP reducer with safety valve

Supplied without air cylinder